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PY1 Multi Sensory through the Echoes experience

PY1 is an entirely new entertainment concept, offering a multi-sensory experience. It is the first traveling venue by Lune Rouge Entertainment. Built in the iconic shape of a huge pyramid, PY1
is a marvel of innovative technology and a one-of-a-kind playground for shows and special events that offers a fully immersive experience at the heart of a custom- produced multimedia universe.
With a capacity of up to 1,000 guests, the 81-foot-tall pyramid imagined by Guy Laliberte began its world tour in Montreal in the summer of 2019 and it continues to Arlington, Texas, as of
December 2019.
The Pyramid is 81 ft high and provides a surface of 12,344 square feet coated with Screen Goo's Rear Projection coating.
Screen Goo Rear Projection (RP) is Goo Systems' most versatile coating technology. While continuing to fulfill our initial design brief of transforming transparent substrate materials into premium dual-sided projection surfaces, Screen Goo RP's unique light reflecting/transmitting/diffusing capabilities have been put to exemplary use across an incredible array of applications: projection mapping, projection on non-traditional materials and objects, theatrical special effects, film and television production, LED array smoothing and too many others to mention.
In this instance, Screen Goo Rear Projection helps bring ThroughTheEchoes to brilliant life.
ThroughTheEchoes is a technological and emotional odyssey that tells of the evolution of life from the Big Bang to today. The audience has the lead role and stands at the center of the pyramid, at the heart of the show. Surrounded by lasers, 360° projections, kinetic aerial design elements, special atmospheric effects and spectacular lighting, spectators explore the thread of space and time, from our origins to our possible futures, as if in a waking dream.

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